10+ Relationship quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some relationship status with quotes are as follows:

“The beauty of true relationship reflects when we ignore shortcoming of each other, Know that if you try to find a perfect person then you could be left alone.”

“Do your best to carry on every relationship, No relationship should be draining.”

“Sometimes we build a relationship but sometimes a relationship is built naturally.”

relationship without trust quotes for whatsapp status
A relationship without trust is useless.

“To build a healthy relationship we have to accept positive and negative things both with all the lacking and shortcomings .”

“Acceptance is a tool to build a healthy relationship.”

“Sometimes lack of communication breaks a relationship.”

“Always strive to maintain a healthy relationship.”

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“When it comes building healthy relationship then you cannot undermine respect, loyalty. peace, transparency, kindness, dedication and trust.”

“When it comes building healthy relationship then you cannot undermine honesty and accountability of your own actions.”

“Focus on love, trust and caring to build a healthy relationship.”

best status on relationship
“Best relationship is when someone knows everything good and bad about you and accept and respect you without any complaint.”
ego and misunderstandings in relationship status quotes for whatsapp
“Misunderstanding and ego harm and destroy too much the relationship, Say no to ego and misunderstandings.”
status on relationship in english for whatsapp
“Never break a true relationship just because you feel it is not perfect.”

“If you are willing to build a good and healthy relationship for long term then put ego aside and never lie.”

best relationship status for whatsapp and fb
If you want to build a health relationship then accept the past, endorse the present and motivate for the future.

“Solve misunderstanding and differences by sitting and talking together, leave your ego but not relationship.”

status quotes on perfect relationship for fb and whatsapp
“I don’t need a perfect relationship, I need just one that really really works.”

“A good relationship is built when from both sides never stop trying to strengthen the relationship.”

“If there is ego then then there may be relationship but no love.”

good relationship status quotes for fb and whatsapp
Accepting the past makes a relationship a good relationship.

“Relationship is to take care of each other and help to each other but not to take advantage.”

happy relationship status quotes for fb and whatsapp
You need to continuously take care of a relationship the way you take care of a plant.

“In good relationship there is no place of ego and negative attitude.”

time pass relationship status quotes for fb and whatsapp
“You should never make a relationship for just time pass or fun because may be another person is very serious about it and seeking future in it.”

“For successful relationship you shouldn’t cheat, you shouldn’t lie, you shouldn’t make a promise you cannot keep.”

“Don’t let your relatives feel alone but support them positive support whenever they need your support. If you will let your relatives feel alone even if you are there with them then relationship could break.”

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