6 Inspirational quotes on mother

Mothers are on of the greatest blessings in our life, We are supposed to love, respect, help and protect our mothers at each and every steps, On this land no one can replace our mothers, We should always be obedient towards our mothers and always seek their blessings.

Some motivational and inspirational quotes on mothers will be published here soon.

quotes on mother's arms
A mother’s arms are very good and comfortable place for her children, Children sleep well there.
mothers love quotes
“A mother takes care her children selflessly, her love towards her children is pure and priceless on this land.”
quotes on mothers heart
mother is the first teacher quotes
Role of every child is great in the life of their children, She is the first teacher for their children.
quotes on mothers by Gilbert Parker
Every mother faces so much hardship during the time of delivering a baby, It is like she get another firth along with her baby when she delivers a baby.
being a mother quotes
Position of a mother is unique, She can take position of other human beings but others cannot take her position.

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