10+ Hurt Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Some hurt quotes are as bellow, you can share on your whatsapp status:

“Never hurt, poor, elderly, women and children.”

“Hurting anyone is not good no matter what, Even if you do then do it in private.”

“If you are hurt then don’t think that you should hurt others, be patient please.”

“Sharp tongue hurts a lot so always keep your tongue soft.”

“I don’t want hurt anyone anymore.”

“My reactions were not to hurt you but were to explain the things.”

“Never over-react because over-reactions hurt a lot.”

“Sometimes your excessive expectations hurt you the most.”

no one can hurt you quotes
Be patient, no one can hurt you.
don't hurt love status for whatsapp and fb
Take care of your loved ones and don’t hurt them who really love you.

“Sometimes ungrateful and selfish people hurt a lot.”

feeling hurt status
It hurts a lot when someone leaves who used to take care a lot.

“If you want peace and happiness in your life then please don’t mind nor get hurt with what others say behind your back.”

emotional hurt status
It hurts a lot when it is revealed that you are not making any effort to keep me with you.

“If you really miss and want to talk me, then why you start talk with hurting me?”

proverb on hurt you for whats app status
“It becomes very hard to enemies of outside to hurt you, if you have no enemies inside.”

“Sometimes your own expectations hurt you but none so never be excessive in your expectations.”

“Don’t let your past hurt you, learn from past and move on.”

hurt status updates for whatsapp
“I am hurt deeply but not angry.”

“I am feeling and betrayed, but not crying.”

hurt but still smile status for fb and whatsapp
Don’t care about past, focus on present.

“Stay strong be happy with your life even if sometimes it hurts you. Know that after hardship comes ease.”

“Never betray the trust of the people who trust you, if it hurts a lot when a trust is broken.”

forgive hurt status

“Never hold on grudge, hurt, pains, ego, pride as they harm your so badly.”

“It is not hurting me that you have not taken my favor, what is hurting that you broken the trust.”

status on don't hurt yourself

“It hurts alot when a person breaks your trusted who you trusted alot and they made promise to help you.”

“Let your deeds help the people but not hurt the people.”

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