Happiness Status with Quotes

Some happiness status are as follows:


money can never buy happiness

“Never try to buy happiness with money because you can never.”

happy children status with quotes

“Children of poor people have no mobile phones, no toys, no delicious food, and no costly clothes. But still they are very happy and their smile is great. Indeed, You can never buy happiness with money.”

real happiness status

“Note that real happiness can never come with fake smile.”

status on happy life

“Remove hatred from your heart if you want peace and happiness.”

feeling happy status with quotes

“Keep good people around you, stop Overthinking, never think that you’re not good enough, doo good deeds and avoid evils talks. This will bring peace and happiness in you.”

“If you have learned the people then you should know that you can never please everyone. Support truth no matter what. If you will try to please everyone then it will sacrifice to happiness.”

“Do positive thing but avoid Overthinking because Overthinking may kill your happiness.”

“If someone is doing good for you then don’t become shy to appreciate because Appreciation brings nothing but peace and happiness. ”

“Be source of happiness for others, but not source of sadness.”

“Be positive, have Patience and support the truth. Never make bad decisions to achieve temporary happiness.”

“Keep around yourself good people. Help the poor and needy people this will bring peace and happiness in you.

“Don’t depend on the people of this world that they will bring happiness in your life but you yourself do efforts to brings happiness in your life.”

“Every life is filled with hardship and happiness. After hardship comes happiness. So wait for happiness if you are facing the hardship.”

“If you have ability to make people happy and remove their sorrow and grief then please do that as world need more people to do such acts.”

“For you your happiness is very important for you. So don’t keep bad people around you as they can destroy your happiness.”

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