Inspirational quotes on goals

Some motivational and inspirational quotes on goals are being uploaded here more will will be uploaded soon.

“Make your goal to help poor and needy people.”

“Don’t waste your time on impressing the people but focus on your goal and move on.”

“Don’t feel scared to see the difficult situations, be confident and keep focusing on your goals.”

“If you have a goal then strive to achieve your goal. Don’t let your tiredness to demotivate you.”

Ted Turner quotes on setting goals
Tony Robbins quotes on goals

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quote on goal is a dream with a deadline

Set a goal as dream but with the deadline.

set a new goal quotes

Don’t let your age to demotivate you, you can set and start any goal at any age, you can dream for anything at any age.

most famous quote on goals

Just wish and intension is not enough. if you have any goal in your mind then set it quickly and start working for it.

famous quote on goals

Tough goals make you stronger.

big enough goal quotes
setting big enough goal quotes

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