Inspirational and motivational quotes by Bob Proctor

bob proctor also known as Robert Corlett Proctor was a Canadian author and lecturer. He was born on July 5, 1934 Guelph, Ontario, Canada and died on February 3, 2022 (at the age of 87)
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Bob Proctor quotes on what is happening
keep having knowledge what is happening around you but at the same time keep a control over what is happening inside you.
cooperation and competition quotes
Take a favor of cooperation over the favor of competition.
bob proctor quotes ob be like
Never give up, keep striving until you reach the goal.
short quotes on competition by Bob Proctor
Strive to end your ignorance.
quotes on change by bob proctor
Change and personal growth both the things matter.

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move forward quotes by Bob Proctor
Donor lose hope nor be sad, know matter where are you keep moving forward, you can achieve your goal if you put sincere efforts.

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