Motivational and Inspirational quotes by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was an American author. He is well known for his motivational book Think and Grow Rich.
Napoleon Hill was born on 26 October 1883, Pound, Virginia, United States and died on 8 November 1970, Greenville, South Carolina, United States.
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Napoleon Hill quotes on failures are temporary
Don’t lose hope nor be sad, consider failures as temporary defeats.
napoleon hill desire quote
Keep your desires strong and positive.
napoleon hill quotes on don't wait for time
Donot wait for the right time to come, develop strategies and start as soon as possible.

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famous quotes by napoleon hill
Don’t worry nor be sad if you are not capable to do great things, You can do small things in great ways.
napoleon hill quotes on happiness
Happiness is found in moving on to bring outcomes, but not just occupant the space.

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napoleon hill motivational quotes
If you are win then never lose hope nor quit.

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