15+ Inspirational Quotes and thoughts by Mufti Menk

Mufti menk is Islamic scholar and motivational speaker. His full name is Ismail ibn Musa Menk. He was born on 27 June 1975 in the Harare city of Zimbabwe. He is based in from Zimbabwe. He is very active on social media platforms life Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube. URL path of his twitter profile is https://twitter.com/muftimenk, instagram profile is https://www.instagram.com/muftimenkofficial/ and Facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/muftimenk/

Some motivational quotes of him are published here more will be published soon

positive quotes by mufti menk
Keep cool and decent even when you are proven wrong, Don’t be panic.
quotes on good people by Mufti Menk
Don’t condemn nor expose publicly to the people for just few faults.
be careful quotes by Mufti Menk
Stay positive and Don’t hurt anyone, If you are guilty to hurting of hurting someone then be quick in accepting your faults and apologising.
quotes on haters by Mufti Menk
The behavior of the haters is such that they will find any how a way to criticize and hate you.
quote on friends by mufti menk
These days, It is very hard to find real friends, if you have any real real friend then strive to keep them with you.
poor choices in life quotes by Mufti Menk
If you have made any poor choices in life then don’t stress your life for that, Use your resources to fix the faults and move on at the right track
inspirational quotes on life by mufti menk
Life is very simple and easy so please don’t complicate it, You will reap whatever you sow. Work with wisdom and Do good deeds, it will come in your life.”
positive mistake quotes by Mufti Menk
“Don’t let your past mistakes become an obstacle in the path of your growth and success, Correct your mistakes and move on.”
life quotes by mufti menk
Never despair nor lose hope to see up-down in your life
quotes on racism by Mufti Menk
“Don’t think that you are superior just because the color of your skin .”
quotes on racism and peace by Mufti Menk
Be kind and Stop racism and violence, Our creator is one. Promote peace and brotherhood
quotes on comparison by Mufti Menk
Be happy to be yourself and don’t compare your life with others, everyone is unique and beautiful. Be you and Be winner.
tongue and slander quotes by Mufti Menk
Slandering is one among the worst sins, control your tongue, be positive and stop slandering the people.
slander quotes by Mufti Menk
Pls stay decent and don’t slander to anyone nor pass any slanderous information against anyone.
quotes on sin and forgiveness by Mufti Menk
Fear of committing a sin, a sin is always a sin even if it looks good in the eye of people roaming around you.
motivational quotes on obstacles by mufti menk
“Any obstacle or hardship is not permanent, Be patient and move on.”
quotes on patience by Mufti Menk
Patience is a great key of goodness. keep having patience regardless any kind of hardship and situation. Know that good rewards for you are ahead.
hardship quotes by mufti menk
Blessed are those who endure with smiling face to the hardships and trials in their life.
quotes on being a good leader by mufti menk
Good larders make efforts to empower others to make them great without expecting anything in return.

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